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How to support individual owners in voluntary nature conservation? Launching the European🇪🇺🔜ONLINE SURVEY✍️ to give a voice to private landowners! Effective tools for the future of private land conservation in Europe! We need your opinion!👏@EULandownersOrg @LIFEprogramme

Building Networks for Private Land Conservation in Europe. An international panel at the Intergroup conference in the Parliament, discussing possibilities, challenges and promising partnerships for the future! @EULandownersOrg and @LIFEprojectLIFE


What crucial role for private landowners in Europe’s nature today?🍃🇪🇺 How to support and encourage them? 👉REGISTER NOW and JOIN our International conference! https://t.co/nEnpj0DxU8 🗓️5th February with @EULandownersOrg @LIFE_ELCN @nature_org
@LIFEprogramme @EU_ENV

At the European Biodiversity Conference, an interesting comparison between climate change and biodiversity loss debates in the media. Fully supporting both, we need to raise awareness to stop the loss of biodiversity to a higher level! @EULandownersOrg @Wildlife_EU

Thierry de l’Escaille&MEP Karl-Heinz Florenz opening the Biodiversity conference: rethinking the Biodiversity strategy: where do private land managers fit in?

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